Watch: Best man confronts friend’s “cheating” wife he finds in a bar with another guy

‘One of the hardest things to do is to keep other people’s infidelity a secret– especially when it involves your closest friends’; as quoted from a blog. Should you or should you not get involved?

Well, a woman who was supposedly cheating on her husband (with a barman) was caught red handed on camera by the best man at their wedding. The awkward footage was posted on Reddit and has attracted curious netizens, to the woman’s embarrassment.

Worse, the amateur video has gone viral on You Tube, racking up millions of views and further amplifying the wife’s humiliation.

The “cheating wife”, identified only in the video as Nina, was caught and filmed by the husband’s best man clinging to an unidentified man inside a bar.

The best man, who introduced himself as James, approached the couple who were locked in a tight embrace in a dark corner of the club, and asked them what was going on.

Surprised by James’ unexpected presence, Nina quickly untangled herself after seeing her husband’s best friend who asked them rather sarcastically: “How you guys doing?”

He asked Nina “what’s going on here?”; to which she replied “you know exactly what’s going on.”

It seems the woman had no choice but to acknowledge the embarrassing scenario as she admitted the man was not her husband when James asked her who is with her.

“Who is this guy? That’s not your husband, right?” James asked.

The other guy then used his mobile phone’s flashlight to hide his face from the camera.

Addressing the alleged lover, James said: “You don’t look like the husband to me. That’s a good idea. I don’t blame you.”

He then introduced himself: “I’m James. I was the best man. This is Nina. This is my best friend’s wife.”

“So you’re the bartender?” he asked the man.

“Not only, but yes,” replied the man.

James then told the couple to have a good night before the 40-second clip ended.

According to the Reddit user who posted the video, the husband already suspected Nina was cheating on him after more than a year of marriage. He then asked the help of his best man James to trail her and find out.

And James was disappointed to confirm that  his best friend’s suspicion is true.

The Reddit user added the couple’s marriage is bound to end soon after the husband asked Nina to move out of the house the next day.

This story should serve as a warning to all cheaters; men or women alike. And it also gives us something to ponder on:

A wedding is not just a celebration of two people becoming as one. It is also an announcement to the public that you are already married to a certain person. Therefore, you can no longer pretend otherwise because anyone who witnessed your wedding may just be sitting next to you in a bar, and you certainly got no reason to deny.

Watch the embarrassing episode (Credit: You Tube Alban Islami)