WATCH: Bride pranks groom by ‘aging’ 50 years; angry groom cancels wedding

WATCH: Bride pranks groom by ‘aging’ 50 years; angry groom calls off wedding

Young bride Qing Kao, 26, wanted to have a good laugh during the photoshoot for her wedding with Guo Chien, so she placed grey streaks on her hair and used make-up to appear 50 years older, reports The Dailypedia.

The prank backfired, however, when the groom did not see anything amusing about himself having pictures taken with an old woman as bride, despite that ‘old woman’ being his real bride-to-be.

At first, Chien was more considerate.  He told Kao to go home, wash off the make-up, and dress up like her real self, so they could continue with the photo shoot.

The bride was a bit shocked that her husband-to-be did not get the joke, and she still wanted to have a couple of shots taken, because she made a huge effort to dress up like an old lady for her man.

Photo credit: CEN/Mirror UK
Photo credit: CEN/Mirror UK

The guy could not understand why she was doing it, and would not take part on her prank no matter how hard she tried to plead.

The couple did not mind that a crowd was beginning to gather around them while they fought over her appearance.

Kao continued to plead for Chien to have just a couple of shots taken of the ‘old’ her and the regular him.  This appeared to anger the groom even more.  When it was clear to him that she would not stop until she got her way, he hopped into a passing taxi and sped off; leaving her behind.

The shocked ‘old’ bride was taken aback.  She slumped on the pavement, crying.  Though she waited for a couple of minutes for Chien to come back, he appeared to be too angry to consider coming back for her.  After waiting in vain for several more minutes, she hailed another taxi and went home.

According to a report on Mirror UK, the two are still not in good terms.  It also became apparent later on that the groom cancelled the wedding because he did not come back or make amends with his bride-to-be.