Watch: Shocking video shows teacher dragging teenage girl across floor and into pool

Photo Credit: NY Daily

STOCKTON, California – A shocking video showing a teacher dragging a 14-year-old girl across the floor and into a pool, after the teenager refused to swim, is now making rounds in the internet and receiving heated comments from netizens.

The teenager who is studying at Edison High School in Stockton, California, declined to take part in the swim class as “she did not want to ruin her hair.” Reports said that the teenager was planning on seeing her friends on that same evening.

However, Denny Peterson, the teacher responsible for the act, didn’t find her refusal amusing.

The 95 seconds video shows the man who appears to grapple the young girl. The teenager can be heard screaming “my top is falling down” while her classmates around her look on in shock. After the incident, the girl was left with bruises all over her body.

After the release of the video, the teenager, her mother and their attorney appeared on States show Inside Edition. The girl, although she appeared on the show, asked not to be named.

Talking on the show about the incident, the teenager said, “It makes me want to cry seeing the video. I was really upset.”

The teenager added that she was embarrassed and angry at her teacher for doing that in front of people.

Photo Credit: WGNTV
Photo Credit: WGNTV

Reports said that Peterson has been employed by the school for more than a decade now. He was put now on paid leave for a month after the incident. Later on, he was reassigned to teach in another Stockton campus.

Peterson is now facing a misdemeanor charge of corporal injury to a child.

Meanwhile, Gilbert Somera, the attorney representing the teenager, said that “Regardless of her participation it should disgust you how this man put his hands on a 14-year-old girl.”

Somera, who is totally sympathizing with his client said, “No means no, and stop certainly means stop. This was carried on for more than a minute and a half, two minutes.”

The lawyer added, “He dragged her down from the stairs. She’s got big bruises on her leg. At some point as an adult you have to say, “What am I doing?”‘

Watch the shocking video here: