Why Kai Honasan kept own dad in the dark about singing talent

Photo Credit: Philippine Edition News

MANILA, Philippines—Kai Honasan, the singing sensation who turned all four judges’ chairs around during the blind auditions for this year’s “The Voice of the Philippines,” kept her singing talent secret from own her father, Senator Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan.

The reason? She feared she wouldn’t measure up to her siblings who are all excellent musicians themselves.

Although she is no slouch either, having been trained to play the ukulele and piano in front of people since she was a child, Kai said she was not used to singing in front of an audience.

Photo Credit: Yahoo News
Photo Credit: Yahoo News

“Tinago ko po kasi lahat po sila musikero, so medyo intimidating po kung biglang gusto ko na rin kumanta, eh ang gagaling na po nila,” she said.

(I hid my singing because my siblings are very talented, and it felt intimidating if I wanted to just suddenly come out)

She also added: “Hinintay ko muna. Nagpagaling muna ako sa banyo tapos tsaka ako kumanta.”

(So I first practiced singing inside the bathroom until I could be good enough to sing in public)

Prior to her joining the contest, Honasan had also played gigs five to six times a week, with some songs being her own creations from her independently-produced album.

However, she still kept her singing a secret from her family until singer Barbie Almalbis, the wife of one of her brothers, uploaded a video of her singing and entertaining a small crowd.

She recalled that when her parents first saw the video, their first reaction was to ask her why she kept her talent from them for so long.

After explaining her side, Kai then mentioned that her family had been proud and supportive of her ever since.

Kai, who impressed the judges with her performances, subsequently chose to be in Bamboo Manalac’s team since she felt she could relate to him the most.

“Kasi dati po, nag-ba-bar gig din lang po siya at baka ma-gets niya kung saan ako nanggagaling.”

(He also once did bar gigs like me, so he knows how I do my music)

Watch the video again:

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