A dream come true for the world’s oldest living conjoined twins on their 63rd birthday

What could be more special than having your siblings around on Holidays? While everybody wishes to have that special get-together and feastly reunion with their loved ones this season, the Galyon twins seem to have no problem with that aspect of family life. Rather, they seem to enjoy all the perks of being literally glued together not only for Christmas time, but for an entire lifetime!

Born in October 1951, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon have to deal all their lives with their peculiar condition as conjoined twins. Attached at the waist, the two have had to endure the challenge of sharing one digestive tract, one groin, one penis, while having separate pairs of legs and arms, and also separate hearts and stomachs.

The Galyon twins had stayed in the hospital for two years since they were born while the medics were trying to figure out how to separate them. Apparently, their parents decided not to disjoin them after doctors warned them that it might be too risky for the life of the twins.

Ronnie has expressed that it was the right move; saying, “The good Lord made us… Let our savior do it.”

Amazingly, their condition did not hinder them from making a living to help support their family. As young as four, they started working as performers in several circus and carnival shows in US and parts of Central and South America.

They wanted to go back to schooling but as fate would have it, their teachers find them too distracting to the other students; so it was a no-no.

They proceeded with their circus and sideshows and eventually had their retirement from carnival jobs in 1991 at the age of 39.

After turning 63, they have become the new record-holder as the oldest living conjoined twins; formerly held by Italian conjoined twins, Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci, for seven decades.  Born 1877, the Tocci twins lived to 63.

Moreover, the Galyon twins also surpassed their heroes, the second-oldest conjoined twins, Chang and Eng Bunker of North Carolina.  They reached the milestone the day after they turned 63 in October, though it remains unofficial.

By the looks of it, Ronnie and Donnie are to enjoy both fame and longer life as they are still very healthy; as confirmed by their younger brother Jim who’s 52. The twins share a house with him and his wife, Mary.

‘We have a lot to be grateful for,’ Jim said. ‘They are really healthy,’ as shared on Daily Mail.

As proof of their good health, the conjoined twins spent their birthday visiting Disney World and Busch Gardens, as reported by MLive.

In an interview, Jim said it has always been a lifelong dream and they (the twins) are happy about it.

“While they could still get out I said ‘Guys let’s go ahead and make the trek this year,” Jim added.

The twins reportedly had the best of time with their dream ‘trek’ in Disney World.

The official certificate from Guinness World Records confirming they’re the longest-living conjoined twins in history has yet to be released, but apparently, with or without the certificate – the celebration of life continues.

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