China says US has no right to manage human rights in other countries when it has problems of racism and torture

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The foreign ministry of China put up a stop sign to the United States. On Thursday, the office said that the United States has no right to confront or intervene in other countries’ human rights issues when they are still dealing with their problems on racism and torture of prisoners on their own soil.

The International Human Rights Day was marked on Wednesday and the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and U.S. ambassador to China Max Baucus both issued statements that mentioned various human rights cases in China, including the case of imprisoned Chinese Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo.

As a response, Hong Lei, spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said that the United States’ statement was hypocritical because it didn’t take into account its own poor record on human rights. Hong Lei was referring to the recent demonstrations over the killings of unarmed black as well as the report of the U.S. Senate on the torture of detainees after the 9/11 attacks.

“The United States has no right to pose as arbiters and at every turn point their fingers at other countries’ human rights as racism and mistreatment of prisoners and other serious problems in the United States are facts now known to all,” Hong Lei told a daily news briefing.

The two countries have often been in debate over their human rights records. Beijing threw a stop sign to Washington and told them to “correct its ways” after the reports on torture was released. This statement came at the same time that a court in China handed down sentences of up to eight years in prison to seven students of jailed schoalr Ilham Tohti. Ilham Tohti is a member of the Muslim Uighur minority. The case has drawn concern from the West.

Hong said that the U.S. persistently ignores the attempts that China was making to improve their human rights.

“The United States is not looking at the facts and intentionally smearing China’s rights situation, exposing even more the U.S. hypocrisy and double standards on the issue of human rights. We advise the U.S. side to reflect on and correct its own human rights problems and stop their unwarranted attacks on China,” he added.