Goat gives birth to human-like babies

Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicles

KARNATAKA, India – A goat’s picture has caught the buzz on social media as it reportedly discloses having given birth to human-like babies.

According to a report on Deccan Chronicle, the goat delivered two stillborn babies, which possess obvious similarities to human babies, as can be seen on the photos. The baby goats possess about 70% resemblance to the body of a human baby.

The newborns’ eyes, nose, limbs and mouth are all similar to those found in human, while the foot as well as the ears, looks like that of a goat.

The baby goats were, reports say, born in a small village in Solapur, within the Kote district of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

Bhaskar, the owner of the goat who delivered the rare babies, told the newspaper that the goat had given birth to ten babies in the past four years, and all of those previous babies were normal.

Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicles
Photo Credit: Deccan Chronicles

According to experts, the baby goats’ human-like appearance might be the result of a rare genetic condition.

Dr. Devadas, the deputy director of the department of animal husbandry of Karnataka, told the reporters, “In medical terms, the condition is called fetal anasarca, means the baby body filled with excessive fluids.”

“This happens due to a genetic disorder or infection,” the doctor added.

Meanwhile, due to the unusual features of the baby goats, hundreds of visitors are flocking to Bhaskar’s house just to see the stillborn creatures with their own eyes. Reports confirm that some of the villagers have even asked Bhaskar to get rid of the baby goats, fearing that it is a bad omen for their place.

However, Devadas told the reporters that the department of animal husbandry plans to preserve the two still-born baby goats, and be part of the exhibit at the Mysore Dasara Exhibition in October next year.