Kuwaiti lady finds her long-lost Pinay mother

The story of Kuwaiti Fatima’s search for her long-lost mother made waves across social media last week; especially after Filipinos learned that the mother she was searching for is a Filipina who is possibly still alive somewhere in the Philippines, reports RachFeed.

Although Fatima refused to show her face to the camera, citing personal reasons, she showed her baby pictures to ABS-CBN News.  She also brought along a photo of her mother, later identified as a certain Evangeline D. Reginaldo.

Composite of photos from ABS-CBN News and OFW Kuwait blog
Composite photos from ABS-CBN News and OFW Kuwait blog

OFW Kuwait blog site connected the name to a certain Vangie Reginaldo on Facebook. Later, it was revealed that the site had been correct in their speculation that Vangie and Evangeline are the same person.

The search is over for Fatima. ABS-CBN News’ TV Patrol interviewed Evangeline in her home and connected the two ladies via Skype. It was the first time they spoke to each other in 18 years!

The reunion would have been more magical if they have seen each other in person, but Fatima still has a lot to process in Kuwait before she is able to come back to the Philippines.  It was earlier revealed that she was born in the Philippines; though she stayed in Kuwait most of her life.

The real-life drama

Despite disapproval from his family, Fatima’s father had married Evangeline.  The two had a great time together, but Evangeline was surprised that she was abruptly cut off from him and their daughter after she went back to the Philippines to find a lot they can buy for their family.

Her sibling who was in Kuwait at the time was prohibited from visiting the home despite being always welcomed there in the past.  Soon, Evangeline lost all communication with her husband and daughter.

Fatima was told her mother had already died. Someone later told her that Evangeline is not d**d but was sent back to the Philippines when she was still a toddler.  When Fatima’s father died, she decided to search for her mother.

Watch the coverage of the emotional search by TV Patrol here: