VIRAL: Pinay bride’s English version of Yeng Constantino’s “Ikaw”

Photo credit: Ph images

MANILA, Philippines – When singer Yeng Constantino released her prenuptial-inspired music video of her song “Ikaw”, the song she wrote for her soon-to-be-husband Victor Asuncion a few months ago, it became an instant hit and a lot of people were able to appreciate the meaning of the song.

It is no wonder that one Filipino bride chose “Ikaw” to serve as her vow to her American husband. Of course, the song was translated to English.

Cathy Jane Cunada got married  to her American boyfriend Jon Barron last October 26,2014 at Xavier Estates Pool Side in Cagayan de Oro. Her uncle, Jonathan Dela Pena translated the lyrics of Yeng Constantino’s “Ikaw” to English and entitled the song “Thou”. He also served as the groom’s best man for the wedding ceremony.

The bride sang a heartfelt version of the song during their special day when she and Jon exchanged vows.

The happiness of the couple is clearly visible in the video and the groom seems very pleased with his bride’s one of a kind “wedding vow”.

The video was uploaded to Youtube  a few days after the wedding and it continues to gain more views and is being shared on different social media platforms.