WATCH: You’ve been using tomato ketchup wrong your whole life

Let’s get a little less serious. If you’re still wondering how you could possibly dip your burger, chips, or fries into one of those tiny ketchup pots in fast food restaurants, chances are you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life.

YouTube user Darryl Jacobsen uploaded a video showing how to properly open the container into a mini saucer so fast food lovers can dip their foodstuff in a hassle-free way.

“Want to see something that will blow your mind? You will never use the fast food ketchup dishes the same way again!” says Jacobsen in the video description.

Other YouTube users have also shared this helpful life hack.

User CrazyRussianHacker says “You’ve been Using Ketchup Cups Wrong” while user diy4once shares how he learned this tip on a golf course.

The process is fairly simple: just stretch the rim of the cup slowly until the container widens. Continue the process until it becomes into a small saucer.

The entire act only takes less than half a minute!

And here’s some ketchup reminders from Mirror — make sure to put your ketchup in the fridge and consume it within eight weeks of opening. While other food stuff like bread, potatoes, jam, and brown sauce should not go in the fridge.

Don’t fret though because ketchup’s famed partner mustard belongs to the fridge as well and that fast food life hack mentioned above also applies to other kinds of dip as well.

Now that settles the Great Ketchup debate that family members, friends, roommates, and students in university halls have all struggled to agree, and struggled to find common ground.

You can watch the videos below.

Here’s how Darryl Jacobsen does it:

Here’s how CrazyRussianHacker does his:

And here’s diy4once version: