A father buried his ten-year-old daughter alive ‘because she was a girl’

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How could a father do that to his own daughter? one may ask. But this man from Tripura, India, Abdul Hussein, apparently had no second thoughts when he decided to bury his own daughter, aged 10, in his backyard — just because she’s a girl.

According to police reports, the unbelievably shocking incident took place in Tripura where the girl’s family lives. The man of the house, Abdul Hussein, who was supposed to protect his family,   had dug a pit in his back garden while his wife was out. He then proceeded to put his daughter in the hole; her hands tied together with a rope and her mouth all taped up.

The father had already filled the pit up to the chest level of his daughter when he heard his wife’s return. He had immediately covered their daughter’s head with a bamboo basket; intending to finish the gruesome task later on, as reported in Mirror Co Uk.

Call it mother’s instinct, the man’s wife started to worry over her daughter and started to question her whereabouts.

Neighbors reportedly joined in the search and found the girl in that shocking situation in the backyard; angering them all. Reports say that neighbors helped the mother beat up the father before calling the police to arrest him. .

He is now facing a charge of attempted murder.

In a similar incident about four months ago, another girl, whose name is Tanu, aged seven, was reported to have “clawed her way to safety” after she was taken from her mother and also buried alive by none other than her aunt and uncle in a field in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

She was found by villagers when they heard her cries for help. She herself narrated to the police who the culprits were.

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