DiCaprio, Rihanna spotted partying together, fuels rumors of a private romance

When two big Hollywood stars seem to coincidentally attend and cozy up at the same set of parties, expect a media frenzy tagging such series of socializing together as enough proof of a romantic relationship.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna sparked the interest of rumormongers after the two were allegedly seen locking lips during a Playboy Mansion party just last weekend.

A source talked about how Rihanna melts with DiCaprio’s captivating stare, saying, “He holds a good conversation but the one thing that makes her weak every time she looks at him are his eyes. That alone makes her knees tremble.”

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

Both A-listers appear to know how to play the guessing game as they were seen at another party at West Hollywood’s Sunset Marquis last Wednesday night for the birthday celebration of Caleb Followill, who is the Kings of Leon frontman. Although they were both present at the gathering, these two well-loved celebrities made sure that they did separate entrances. Rihanna, sporting a white shirt, denim pants, and high heels, went inside the building alone, while DiCaprio was accompanied by one of his friends from the entertainment industry, Kevin Connolly.

Despite the rumored pair’s attempts to keep their alleged fling as low profile as possible, their fans can’t seem to get enough of what may potentially be a perfect partnership, especially after both their much talked about break-ups; Rihanna from her on and off boyfriend, Chris Brown, and DiCaprio from his ex-model girlfriend, Toni Garnn.

If an insider, who shared with HollywoodLife.com, “They mostly get together during the middle of the night. She creeps out late at night to get it on — it’s like a drug. It’s a whole process. She switches cars and drivers and meets him in very discreet places. They’ve got a system and they’re keeping it between themselves and extremely private”, is right, then their supporters may be in for quite a treat.