Filipina household worker injured in Singapore domestic dispute

A Filipina domestic helper was seriously injured when she tried to intervene in a domestic dispute that led to the death of her employers.

(Photo Credit: The New Paper)
(Photo Credit: The New Paper)

In The New Paper report, the Filipina maid was identified as Jamelarin Jasmen Corpuz, 37, who tried to save her Singaporean employer, Madam Koh Siang Hua, 39,  from the attacks made by the husband,  Ken Ong, 37, while at their residence at Park View Mansions on Yuan Ching Road.

Meanwhile, before the crime took place, Ken Ong, ranted on a Facebook post  entitled “Final Note” telling what he felt about his studies, the divorce, Women’s charter in divorce, his wife’s family and TYT Corporation,  PTE Ltd and his only child.

However, he also wrote his feelings against the Filipina household worker.

An excerpt from the Final Note says,

 The Maid, Jasmen Jamelarin Corpuz

I had already given her many chances, and wanted to terminate her services 4 years ago because of the terrible way she is at managing her job and the kid, which resulted in the kid having skin and allergy issues but she gained the favor of Karen and Karen chose to keep her while ignoring my wish. After that, she had been giving me attitudes and teaching the kid to disrespect me and not greeting me by using the threat of tears and the boy love for her. She is also one of the my greatest mistakes. I shouldn’t trust her into this family, let the kid sleep with her and be under her care while i study. Frankly, it is not my choice anyway as Karen is the one deciding them all along, disrespecting my opinions and wish all along. In this family, i’m like the outsider and like Karen is the husband, i’m the housewife and he brought a mistress, the maid, back and can even tell me “I don’t care whether you like it or not, i want her in this family. If you have problems with her, work it out with her.” who can accept this kind of nonsense yet i endured for nearly 4 years. An excellent bootlicker, politician and manipulator, destroy my family so that she can enjoy the luxuries of life with Karen.

The Facebook message was posted 8:09 am of January 30, but was sent at 8:11 to other media outlets through an e-mail with “Jurong Murder” as subject.

The Singaporean couple died at the National University Hospital while Ms. Corpuz is declared stable.