Indian salesman faces Dubai trial for secretly filming Filipina in washroom

(Photo Credit: emirates 247)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The Indian man who was apprehended for allegedly recording a video of a Filipina inside the restroom has faced Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday, reports said on Monday.

It was August last year when the 23-year-old Indian salesman was arrested after his Filipina colleague filed a complaint against him for secretly filming the woman using his mobile phone in the washroom at their workplace in Al Satwa.

(Photo Credit: 7daysinDubai)
(Photo Credit: 7daysinDubai)

According to the 32-year-old Filipina, she was inside the toilet when she noticed a mobile phone in video mode below the cubicle wall. She screamed and immediately ran out of the toilet. She then waited a little while at the restroom’s main door and shortly saw the salesman sneaking out from the women’s restroom.

“Shortly after I entered the toilet and was to use it I spotted a mobile phone kept on the wall separating the cubicles,” she told the prosecutors during the investigations.

The woman rushed to the building’s security guards and informed about the incident. They later arrested the accused and handed him to the authorities.

During the interrogations, the man claimed that he was having a stomach ache, so he rushed to the women’s restroom where there were available cubicles.

When he realized that no one was around, he took out his mobile phone, put it in video recording mode, and placed it below the wall that separates the cubicle to film the woman who was at the next cubicle.

After he heard the woman leave the restroom, he picked up his phone again. He watched the recorded video and found out that the woman noticed his phone as it was recording.

Meanwhile, the authorities seized and enclosed the video clip to the case file as evidence. The man was later charged for breaching the modesty of the woman and is expected to get the court’s verdict on February 1.