‘Invisible Boyfriend’ app creates a virtual partner for $24.99 a month

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, singles may be subjected yet again to the pressure of being ‘not in a relationship.’ But, not for long.

A team of web developers, creators, entrepreneurs, and romance experts, who are led by co-founders Matthew Homann and Kyle Tabor, recently launched their one of a kind idea of ending the misery of single people.

For $24.99 a month, the ‘Invisible Boyfriend’ application (app) lets the user create a virtual partner. From a wide range of options, the user can choose the make-believe boyfriend’s name, age, location, physical appearance, personality, interests, and even how their story as a couple began.

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Photo Credit: Daily Mail UK

The customer also gets to experience what it feels like to be in  a real relationship by enjoying automatically delivered messages composed of 100 texts, 10 voicemails, and 1 handwritten note.

Photo Credit: Mashable

The seemingly odd concept received mixed reviews, but its developers clarified that their goal is to produce “lifelike stories”, which could possibly solve some relationship dilemmas in the end saying, “Invisible Boyfriend was created to deliver solutions for those uninterested in a “right now” relationship. Put simply, this platform helps you create credible, reasonable stories that you can bring home to curious mom, your buddies, and coworkers. These stories are backed by virtual and real-world social proof.”

The app’s creators also mentioned that there have been talks of stepping out of the realm of digital communication and start venturing into different forms of real life connection, and said, “This may include gifts, personalized notes, flower deliveries, social media connections, and you name it.”

In addition, there is another side to the story through the form of an ‘Invisible Girlfriend’ app that also happens to be made available for all interested parties. This simulated program shares the same set of features with the ‘Invisible Boyfriend’ app.