Jam Sebastian’s mom tells of her son’s wish to end his pain

It’ s been a year since Jam Sebastian, of the popular Youtube tandem “JaMich” was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer, and together with his family and his Mich, Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, he has been trying to battle its spread.

However, just last Saturday, via  “Startalk”, Jam’s mother, Maricar, shared that her son, who’s only 28, has a wish which she just can’t grant — to end his painful journey.

The mother and brother of Jam has no other wish other than to see him get well; months after his lung cancer diagnosis. But apparently, Jam was considering giving up as they received a text from him which says he wants his pain to end; pertaining to mercy killing.

Prior to the text message, Jam, she said, refused to have another chemotherapy which was supposedly scheduled two weeks ago. He also refused any form of check up including blood pressure, vital signs and even dextrose.

His elder brother, Yexel, also tells of Jam’s extreme pain at the mere skin contact, which also made it impossible to hug him as shared by Maricar and Mich in a previous interview with Startalk.

Last December Maricar, Mich and Yexel said that they could not bear seeing Jam suffer from his condition.

As a Mom, Maricar shared that, “Everyday torture. Every minute may fear kasi hindi ko alam kung may surprises na nangyayari sa anak ko. Kung ano yung ayaw ko marinig, yung ayoko mangyari, iyon yung nangyayari sa anak ko.” (Every minute, there’s fear because I don’t know what’s going to happen next to my son. Whatever it is I don’t want to hear, what I don’t want to happen, those are happening to my son.)

Mich, on the other hand, continues to try being a lifeline for Jam, despite the agony of not being able to hold him and lie beside him like before, as the other half of “Jamich” can’t be touched anymore because it causes much pain. Moreover, as shared by Maricar and Mich, Jam now has difficulty talking and can’t even walk on his own. He just stays in bed.

His Mom simply can’t give up, even if her son is now asking for it.

Watch the heartbreaking video:

Jan. 18 interview with Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho at 9:37 –


The interview last December: