Japanese teacher strips naked in public to prove his love for student girlfriend

Would you do anything for love? Would you go naked in public to profess your feelings for somebody? Well then, consider this:  In a bid to prove his love for his 21-yer-old student girlfriend, a 55-year-old Japanese university teacher took off his clothes in public.

The university teacher, whose name is withheld, handles computer science subjects at Taisho University in Tokyo. He reportedly went naked at the campus just to grant his girlfriend’s request.

Authorities reported that after stripping publicly to demonstrate his faithfulness and love, the girl picked up her boyfriend’s clothes and ran off leaving her lover completely naked.

The university teacher later on apologized for what he did as he said “it was all because of love.”

Meanwhile, the school authority who asked an explanation from the teacher revealed that the latter has expressed his intention to resign.

Local media reported that the student girlfriend was later on located and she returned the clothes of her boyfriend.

The two reportedly went home together after the incident.

As of this writing, the school authority has not issued any official statement yet as to the sanction that may possibly be imposed on the university teacher who allegedly marred the reputation of the institution by causing the reported scandalous behavior of stripping in front of many people.

Taisho University is a private university in Toshima, Tokyo, Japan which was founded in 1885 and chartered as a university in 1926.

The institution is noted for its Buddhist-inspired educational program and extensive research in Buddhism, religion, and psychology, as well as other fields of endeavor specifically in humanities.

Based on research, Japan does not officially allow nudity in any public areas other than baths, although there are some nudist groups that gather in designated places in the country.

Most groups only allow couples and single women due to the overpopulation of single men.