Look: Adorable baby twins dance to their dad’s guitar-playing

In a feel-good video uploaded by Brovadere, 11-month-old twin babies can be seen truly excited as their Daddy plays the guitar. They look at each other in such a heartwarming way which seems to say “let’s go!” then they both starts dancing to their father’s music.

Couple John and Ashley Rudner has a yearly routine of filming their twin girls dancing to their daddy’s playing of the guitar. The recording usually happens every 6th of August or so.

Their first video of their identical twin girls dancing to dad’s music went viral and earned million hits on YouTube, which made them stars for a day at Today TV show in August of 2012.

However,  twins Chloe and Alexis got camera-shy when their dad started strumming his guitar in Studio 1A during the live show.  But in their video taken before the actual show, the twins were in the mood to jam up with their Dad.

In Today show (Photo Credit: Today TV)
In Today show (Photo Credit: Today TV)

The couple went on to record their girls yearly. The second was on August 6, 2013, and another on August 18 of 2014.

It’s so good to see the girls still attuned to their father’s playing, and of course, it’s also nice to see them grow lovelier every year.

Watch their video at 11 months old:

A year later:

Just last year in August: