New phone that can run Windows, Android or Firefox OS released

Photo Credit: ARS Technica

With the fast-paced technological developments relating to smartphones, Alcatel is coming out with a new phone that is supposed to be not just user-friendly but also “operating system” (OS) friendly.

According to the technology site The Verge, Alcatel is introducing the new Pixi 3, which can run and is compatible with Google’s Android, Mozilla’s Firefox OS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Pixi has a 3.5-inch display 3G model, with three larger models measuring 4, 4.5 and 5 inches screens and with LTE.

According to the company, the smartphones “let owners use the same operating systems at work, at home, and on the move.”

The Verge said that the “affordable” phones might not rival top tier smartphones in the market, such as the Apple and Samsung, in terms of features and power; as the smallest 3.5-inch phone can only use 3G connections. However, Alcatel says its users “don’t want complicated systems, as they want something familiar from their work environment in the office.”

“By opening the phones up to three different systems, it might be tricky for Alcatel to ensure a good user experience for every Pixi 3 owner, but the company at least has experience with all three operating systems,” The Verge explained on their article.

Photo Credit: Phone Scoop
Photo Credit: Phone Scoop

Last year, Alcatel’s previous Pixi phone uses Google’s OS, its Fire phone uses Mozilla’s, while the company’s POP 2 is a Windows Phone with a 64-bit processor.

Last November, The Palm trademark was sold in a company run by Nicolas Zibell, the Alcatel One Touch executive, and the person in charge of the American market sales for Alcatel. Report suggests that the move done by the company indicates an effort to increase their presence in Western markets. However, Alcatel’s upcoming Pixi 3s don’t yet bear “The Palm” trademark brand name.