RIP Tyler: Shi Tzu found d**d after grooming, dog spa blamed for negligence

He came in wanting to be cared for, but he came out d**d.

Tyler, a dog of Shi Tzu breed, was brought to The Dog Spa & Hotel at BF Homes, Parañaque last January 8 for his weekly pampering session.

Nancy Balce, Tyler’s owner, left him for a haircut and the usual overall grooming. When Nancy went back to pick him up, his groomer, also identified as “Mamerto”, delivered the tragic news, saying, “Ma’am, may nangyari po kay Tyler.” Nancy darted inside to check his pet’s condition, only to see him lying l******s at the table.

Karen Balce, Nancy’s daughter, used her Facebook account to provide blow by blow details of the accident, recounting, “The cause was that after they groomed him, they put him on a leash (he was never ever on a leash, even in the house) and placed him on table and left him there; for some reason he fell/jumped out of the table and so he was hung to d***h, they only found out when my mom got there 30 minutess after they finished grooming him.”

Photo Credit: Fashion Pulis (Karen Balce’s Facebook Account)

The Balce family is seeking for justice regarding the apparent negligence displayed by the company that they have trusted for the past three years. The pet owners were further heartbroken after knowing that their baby dog struggled, tried to escape, and barked to get some much-needed attention.

Nancy expressed her family’s pain, how they will not accept any monetary compensation, and are ready to fight back, saying, “There will be no out-of-court settlement or whatever. We will be filing charges through the help of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).”

After much provocation from social media users, the management of the pet spa in question finally released a statement, which read, “As pet parents ourselves, we have always ensured that all our staff would do their very best to always maintain high quality of service and standards. Rest assured that this groomer is no longer with us and that we will ensure that nothing like this has a chance of ever happening again.”

As of posting, Tyler had been delivered to his final resting place at the Pet Valley Park and Crematory.

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