VIRAL: Elderly woman trips on man’s bags in airport, man walks away like nothing happened

Photo Credit: Titas De Bacolod

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—Do you know this man?

After four months of hearing nothing from both airline and airport personnel, the daughter of the woman has posted this video on her Facebook page and other social sites and is seeking the public’s help in identifying the “man in yellow” so she can bring him to justice after the bags he placed on a pathway in an airport tripped her mother and caused her to suffer injuries.

Photo Credit: Titas De Bacolod
Photo Credit: Titas De Bacolod

Charlotte Lopez Hofilena, daughter of Rosario Hofilena, 64, and a resident of Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City, said what happened to her mother back in April 22, 2014 at the Bacolod Silay Airport was extremely heartbreaking.

“We have not heard anything from airport personnel nor from Cebu Pacific since the incident. They did not give us a single cent for our mother’s hospital and rehab expenses. Most important of all is they did not even bother to identify the culprit.”

She added: This is why I am posting this. The man has to pay for the damages he caused to my mother, so please help us by sharing this video.”

The elder Hofilena suffered grave injuries after she accidentally tripped on a bag left by the man on a pathway near the pre-departure area. She was scheduled to fly on a Cebu Pacific plane.

Falling flat on her face, she was then assisted by airport personnel and co-passengers onto a wheelchair. Meanwhile, the man who owned the bags nonchalantly walked away without even talking to the victim.

Legal Action

Meanwhile, Renecito Novero, counsel of the victim, said they already have a pending complaint against Cebu Pacific and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for damages.

The suit, which is being heard in the Bacolod Regional Trial Court, stemmed from the failure of the defendants’ personnel to properly place the bags out of the pathway which resulted in his client suffering several fractures and a dislocated left shoulder joint, Novero said.  As a result, she had to undergo hospitalization, rehabilitation as well as hire a private nurse and caregiver.

The man in yellow has not been included since he has not yet been identified, but he will be as soon as we know his name, he added.

Video of the incident: