WATCH: The Philippine bet to 2015 Miss Universe pageant wows in bikini

DORAL, Florida – Surely, competing for the 2015 Miss Universe crown requires a spectacular body and equally spectacular catwalk skills. Well, the Philippine bet MJ Lastimosa obviously has those as as she dons her two-piece Yamamay bikini and showed off her curves at the Trump National poolside on Wednesday.

The 27-year-old MJ Lastimosa, who is also of Arab and Spanish descent,  is one of the 88 contestants vying for the 2015 Miss Universe crown, and actually faces great pressure following the country’s four consecutive runners-up finishes in the Miss Universe pageant.

“The pressure will always be there, but I channel it to fuel me to become more competitive and focused. I don’t let the pressure get to me. The Miss Universe is a once in a lifetime event, and I hope to treasure every moment, be grateful for the experience and just showcase the beauty of the Filipina the best way I can,” she said in a report on Missosology.

The lovely representative of the country who was raised in North Cotabato has expressed she is more than ready for the biggest competition of her life; promising that she’ll do her best to make the Filipinos proud.

She said, “You know, every time I go out there and knowing that I am wearing the Philippine sash makes me so excited and happy. So what I just wanna do now is just show how beautiful Filipinas are.”

She also goes on to say that “Everyone is the most beautiful in their country. It’s a matter of embracing the whole experience. It’s just a matter of destiny as well. It’s a matter of who prayed really hard and worked really hard for it”; adding that the competition for a crown, scepter and the bragging rights of being the most beautiful woman in the world is challenging and tougher than it looks.

“Wow, I can’t even put it in words. It’s been an amazing experience for me. I wish that I’ll be able to share this with all the Filipinas so that they can be more inspired and eager to fight for the Miss Universe crown,” she said.

She has not divulged any detail as to her evening gown, but Lastimosa promises her countrymen that she will make the Philippines proud on the night of the pageant.

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