A slimmer Sharon Cuneta showed up at Ciara Sotto’s baby shower?

A lot of “wows”; that’s what the megastar Sharon Cuneta must have received last week when she attended her cousin Ciara Sotto’s baby shower held on February 8.

Ciara posted some photos of the baby shower on her Instagram account (@pinaypole) and supporters of the megastar would find it hard not to notice the slimmer figure she has on now.

Sharon has definitely lost some weight.

On her Facebook account, the megastar have also posted two photos taken from the same baby event; dwelling on how grown-up her baby cousins, Ciara and Lala, has become.

I was at Ciara’s baby shower tonight. She is such a beautiful (and still sexy!) pregnant woman. She’s always been my baby, and it’s still hard for me to believe that she’s going to be a mommy very soon!

(Photo Credit: facebook page of Sharon Cuneta)
With Ciara (Photo Credit: Facebook page of Sharon Cuneta)
(Photo Credit: facebook page of Sharon Cuneta)
With Lala (Photo Credit: Facebook page of Sharon Cuneta)

Sharon was among the guests in the baby shower hosted by their family and close friends, and Ciara reportedly told the entertainment site Pep that she is glad to see her ate Shawie glowing again after reports last year that the megastar had experienced depression, and what she had confessed as a “midlife crisis.”

(Photo Credit: Pinaypole, Instagram)
(Photo Credit: Pinaypole, Instagram)

Ciara’s Ate Shawie had also been in mourning over the passing of her mom Elaine Cuneta last November.

(Photo Credit: Pinaypole, Instagram)
(Photo Credit: Pinaypole, Instagram)

Sharon’s daughter KC Concepcion and Helen Gamboa also attended the shower party.

On her Facebook wall, the megastar ‘s post showed her bubbly side once again and the attachment she has  with her younger cousins:

“I told my cousin Lala that my goal is to one day soon be able to borrow her clothes — for us to be able to wear each other’s clothes! Hahaha! The Sotto sisters have always been some of the best dressers on the planet. Funny thing is, we were all taught to ‘make an effort.’ And as you know, I wish I got more of the ‘vain’ gene! They definitely did! They have always inspired me to look my best (though I haven’t always let the inspiration move me! Hahaha! Now I do again.:-)). Soon, baby sis! Humanda ka at si Apples at si Ciara!!! Hahahaha! (You can raid my closet too!) Love you guys soooo much.