An all-purpose flying boat is now in the Philippines

An all-purpose flying boat made affordable and easy to operate has been tested in a dry-run flight along the Manila Bay.

Dubbed as Ramphos amphibious, this speed boat that now fly in the Philippines can carry three persons in flight and five in water, reports said.

Photo Credit: Dan Johnson
Photo Credit: Dan Johnson

It can also fly a distance of 300 miles or less than 500 kilometers on full tank, can take off from land or sea and can be run even by non-expert pilots provided they undergo training for a few days.

The Italian made flying boat was described to run a speed of 28 kts. on water, can fly 30 meters above sea level and can operate in 10 centimeter deep water, mud and wild sand lagoon using diesel or petrol.

What is more surprising about the Ramphos amphibious is in its importance in the national and local government’s battle cry against all forms of illegal activities namely illegal fishing, logging, criminalities and lawlessness.

Photo credit: motorossarkany
Photo credit: motorossarkany

Gentilini, a former Italian Air Force Colonel, said that the engine of the flying boat can be switched off to avoid noise few meters away from the lawless elements being eyed.

Moreover, this would be a big leap during emergencies and rescue operations.

Apart from all these, it is further noted that the flying boat was designed for various tourism purposes having been described as perfect equipment for scuba dive tours, adventure journey, sightseeing, area patrol, emergency rescue and yacht tender.

Luis “Chavit” Singson, former National Security Council Adviser and Ilocos Sur Governor, was reported an “early bird” who purchased a flying boat.

Photo credit: Static Social
Photo credit: Static Social

Singson, whose two sons occupy the gubernatorial and congressional seats respectively, disclosed that the flying boat will be used by the people of Ilocos Sur in search and rescue operations during typhoons as well as against illegal fishing.

There are at present 145 units of Ramphos amphibious flying in 27 countries; to name a few:  Australia, Russia, America, China, Mexico Malaysia, Scandinavia among others.

Invented and owned by Enos Gaiga and Giorgio Gentilini, the Ramphos amphibious or flying boat has no recorded accidents since its existence in 1998.

The Ramphos owners expressed plans to put up their office and manufacturing company in the Philippines.