Charles Manson reportedly nixes marriage after learning fiancee’s plan to ‘display his corpse like Lenin’

Photo Credit: The Mirror

Charging people to see his corpse inside a glass crypt? Now that’s too strange, even for Charles Manson.

According to a journalist, the 80-year-old incarcerated cult leader notorious for his eccentric outbursts has just ended his love affair with a woman five decades his junior after he discovered she was just marrying him for his corpse.

Photo Credit: The Independent
Photo Credit: The Independent

Daniel Simone, an author who regularly corresponded with Manson a few years ago, alleged that 27-year-old Afton Elaine Burton aka Star and her friend Craig Hammond conspired to acquire Manson’s remains and put it on display on a glass crypt in Los Angeles’ in a manner similar to Lenin’s Tomb.

Afterwards, the pair would then charge people to see the corpse and make themselves rich in the process, Simone said.

Initially, the pair asked Manson to sign a document indicating their ownership over his corpse. When he wouldn’t sign, they tried to bribe him off with toiletries and other personal items.

When he still refused (Simone claimed he was stringing them along to get more gifts), Burton and Hammond hatched the marriage plan and even obtained a marriage license.

Under California law, a wife retains the remains of her husband upon his death.

Unfortunately, it expired last week with still no wedding although Burton is applying for a renewal.

“Due to an unexpected ‘interruption of logistics’, the wedding is postponed,” a statement in her website read.

According to Simone, Manson may have discovered the ploy and has since repaid the favor by continuing to keep Burton’s hopes up.

Additionally, the journalist claimed that Manson never really had any intention of being married, much less having his body encased in glass and put on display.

“He feels the whole idea (putting him in a glass crypt) is stupid because he believes he is immortal and will never die,” Simone said.