Chiz’ response to letter of Heart’s father: “Mahal at tinatanggap ko sila”

It was a bittersweet ending to the Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista love story.

Heart’s parents may have been a no-show at her wedding, which was held on February 15 at Balesin Island, but Heart’s father, Rey Ongpauco, sent a letter that moved the stunning bride to tears.

But the ceremony turned even more emotional when Chiz directly responded to the letter, expressing how much he truly cares for Heart’s parents.

Photo Credit: PEP

Chiz began by saying, “Sorry, wala sa programa ‘to. Kay Mich (nickname of Heart’s sister) at kay Happy (Heart’s cousin), may sagot ako sa tanong.” (“Sorry, this is not part of the program. To Mich and Happy, I have an answer to the question.”)

He went on, and said, “Sabi ng daddy ni Heart, mahalagang tanggapin ko siya. Oo, gagawin ko siya, ginagawa ko yun.” (“Heart’s daddy said that it is important to accept her. Yes I will do that, and I am doing it.”)

He continued by verbalizing his utmost respect to certain boundaries that Mr. Ongpauco has set, reiterating, “Hindi ko lang siya (Mr. Ongpauco) puwedeng tawaging ‘Daddy’ o ‘Tatay’ hangga’t hindi niya sinasabi.” (“I just cannot call him ‘Daddy’ or ‘Tatay’ until he tells me to do so.”)

Chiz also wanted to make sure that Heart’s parents knew exactly what his deepest sentiments have always been, addressing them,  “Pero nais kong sabihin, mahal at tinatanggap ko sila dahil bahagi sila ni Heart, hindi kailanman puwede alisin yun. Ano man ang nangyari o ano man ang mangyari, bahagi siya palagi.” (“But I just want to say, I love and accept them because they are a part of Heart, and that can never be changed. Whatever happened or whatever will happen, they will always be involved.”)

As his final remark, Chiz reached out to Heart’s sisters, Michelle, Camille, and Lissa, for filling the gap of emptiness caused by their parents’ absence, making the night still worth celebrating.