Dubai OFW loses P93K in two minutes to suspected bank fraud

DUBAI, UAE – A Filipino engineer working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) reportedly lost AED 7,731.49 (PhP 92,701.89) in yet another case of suspected bank fraud according to authorities, the Gulf News says.

Leo Mamaclay, working as a system engineer for a mining and metal company in Dubai, received on Thursday last week a series of text messages (SMS) notifying him of five consecutive withdrawals from his bank account.

After he received the first message, Mamaclay told Gulf News he was already feeling confused since he was working at that time and cannot possibly make the transaction. His suspicion that something is terribly wrong was confirmed after the four other messages came, all in a matter of minutes.

Mamaclay wasted no time to call the bank to verify the suspicious transactions. He was shocked after he was told all the withdrawals were made from Mexico.

The amount of the first two withdrawals is AED 2,985.09 each; followed by a couple more of AED 752.49 each. The final transaction was in the amount of AED 256.33.

“They cleaned up my account in less than two minutes and cared to leave behind Dh61.40,” he told the newspaper.

The bank statement provided to him indicated that the transactions were made between 11:37 am and 11:39 am on February 19.

What intrigued him more, according to the frustrated OFW, is that the same bank statement showed all his money were withdrawn by someone in Mexico, which is at the other side of the planet.

Mamaclay’s case is the second in two-week time after another client, an Indian schoolteacher, complained of supposedly losing nearly AED 10,000 (PhP 120,000) in nine transactions to a similar modus.

Meanwhile, the unnamed bank cannot be sought for comment as of press time.

OFW Leo Mamaclay with the bank statement indicating the supposedly fraudulent transactions (Photo Credit: Gulf News)