Escaped lion enters family home; Dad thought it was a toy

GUADALUPE, Mexico—When Miguel Martinez went home from work one day, he was surprised to see what looked like a lion cub in his front yard.

“At first I thought it was a toy. It was lying perfectly still and looking at me,” he recounts.

All of a sudden, he was stunned to see the cub trying to get into their house with his younger daughter inside.

“When I opened the car door it growled and moved a bit and I realised to my horror that it was real. It then went to the front door and began whacking it, and I was worried sick that my wife or children would come out and be attacked,” he shares.

Fearing for his and his family members’ lives, he called the police who later arrived to humanely trap the seven-month-old animal.

A representative from the local police station said that because the lion was so young it was not yet aggressive, but it was lucky he didn’t come into contact with any children.

It was later found out that the lion cub belonged to the Martinez’s neighbor, 19-year-old Maria Fernanda Martinez, who received the lion as a present for getting pregnant.

In fact, she even named her rather unusual pet, Simba, after the character in the 90s animated movie, The Lion King.

“I don’t know how on earth he got out of his cage,” Maria said. “He was given to me as a present to celebrate my getting pregnant, but we had planned to give it to a zoo because it really isn’t a suitable pet to have.”

Simba the lion has since been taken to La Pastora Zoo where it is being treated for an injury in its paw.

“I think this adventurous little guy will be staying with us from now on,” said a spokesperson from the zoo.

After this ordeal, Miguel Martinez and his family could only hope that the cub actually stays there.