Filipino nurses in Japan granted one year extension

The Japanese government announced on Tuesday  the opportunity it is extending for Filipino and Indonesian nurses.

In a Japan Times report, the government will allow nurses from these countries to extend their stay to give a chance to those who failed in the qualifying examinations to be able to work in the country.


(Photo Credit: Pinoy Republic)
(Photo Credit: Pinoy Republic)

According to the same report, passing rate is low due to language barrier. However, the Philippine government asked for an extension; thus, the  Cabinet decided to give Philippine nurses a chance for them to have better result in the exams and be able to work as mandated by the bilateral free trade agreements.

Under this agreement, a nurse candidate is only given three years stay while caregivers are given four years stay.

They are given the chance to study Japan’s language for six months and on-the-job trainings. Nurses are also given three chances to take the exam. Meanwhile, caregivers are only given one chance.

A nurse or a caregiver should be able to pass the exam within the given period  or leave the country.

The Philippine government requested extensions since 2011 then 2013 and now 2015. A Japanese official confirmed such action helped boost the passing rate of the applicants.

Because of the extension, nurses can take the exam four times while caregivers twice.

In 2013, the passing rate for nurses is 10.6 percent while the 36.3 percent is for the caregiver test.

Japan’s action will help those who get a relatively good score but did not reach the cut-off score to be able to pass.