Jake Ecerjito to Albie Casiño: “It’s never right to involve the innocent”

MANILA, Philippines- TV-5 talent Albie Casiño admitted to the members of the press that he is doubting Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann’s claim that he is the father of her daughter Adrianna Gabriellie or Ellie because even while they were still a couple, Jake Ecerjito, son of Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, was also in Andi’s life at that time and referred to him as the “constant” in Andi’s life.

He added that there is no concrete proof that he is the father of Ellie since a DNA test was never conducted.

A few days after Albie’s controversial statement, Jake Ecerjito finally expressed his thoughts over the issue.

One of Jake’s followers in the website www.ask.fm asked him , “What can you say about Albie’s statement that you might be the father of Ellie?”

Photo Credit:PEP
Photo Credit:PEP

Jake answered that Albie should have never involved an innocent kid in such an issue because it is never right.

He added that Andi’s daughter shouldn’t be an embarrassment to anyone and she and her family have never bothered anyone over anything.

He stated that it is such a shame that Ellie is being dragged into a desperate showbiz promo ploy.

He might have called Albie’s actions as a promo ploy since the actor addressed the issue last February 5 during the press conference of his new television show in TV 5, “A House Full of Hunks” with Jasmine Curtis, Charlie Sutcliffe, Sandino Martin and John Spainhour which airs Monday to Friday, 9 pm. This is a part of TV 5’s Wattpad Presents.

Jake’s closeness to Andi’s daughter is a known fact and the two often spend time together.

Although Jake and Andi had a falling out last year after several years of being together, the two reportedly rekindled their romance after the the actress shared their photo together in Singapore last month.

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