King of Jordan to Islamic State: “Prepare for relentless war in your own backyard”

Photo Credit: InterAksyon

“We will hit you hard in your own homes.”

That was the message conveyed by King Abdullah II of Jordan to the members of Islamic State after the extremist group released a video showing a captured Jordanian pilot being burned alive inside a cage.

In retaliation, Jordan hanged two convicted terrorists on d***h row on Wednesday morning, a few hours after the video was released.

Moreover, during a security meeting with senior officials on Wednesday, King Abdullah, promised to wage a “relentless war” into the Islamic State’s own ground in order to protect his country.

Photo Credit: Haaretz
Photo Credit: Haaretz

Earlier, government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said it was a long-time policy of the country to battle Islamic militants.

Aside from the two, four more convicts are believed to be scheduled for execution within this week after Jordan promised to execute six terrorists in retaliation for the brutal killing of Lt. Muadh al-Kasasbeh.

The two executed were Saijida al-Rishawi, a would-be female suicide bomber and Ziyad Karboli, a former aide of Al-Qaeda in Iraq’s deceased leader.

Former Special Forces Commander

According to experts on Middle Eastern affairs, King Abdullah may very well prove more than a match for the IS.

“He’s a former general and former special forces commander,” said Director Jon Alterman of the Center for Strategic & International Studies’ Middle East Program.

“He’s very serious about the military. If he could, he would much prefer riding Black Hawk helicopters and staying at command posts than lingering inside a chauffeured car,” he added.

Abdullah served as chief of Jordan’s special forces in 1993 and became a Major General in 1998. He assumed the throne in 1999 following the d***h of his father, King Hussein.

Director David Schenker of the Arab politics program at the Washington Institute and former aide to Donald Rumsfeld agreed and said the King would “rather be jumping out of airplanes than meeting in Davos with the rich and powerful.”