Look: Pinoy talents shine in new HK Disneyland campaign

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort released recently a new song which was composed and performed by an all-Filipino cast.

The song entitled “Find Your Light” proudly features many talented Filipinos who work at the park, and at the same time have invited and inspired many Pinoy guests to share the Philippine pride at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Rony Fortich, a Musical Director of Hong Kong Disneyland Resort mentioned that, “Filipinos are a huge part of Hong Kong Disneyland. When they approached me with the idea of creating a tailor-made campaign for the Philippines, and then I get to write a song specifically with Filipinos in mind, I couldn’t be happier. I thought it was really a cool tribute to Filipinos who work here and to Filipino guests who come over.”

Pinoy choreographer, Jaime Del Prado did the choreography, while the Pinay cast member Raki Vega sang the composition.

Fortich shared his inspiration in making the song and he even detailed how he came up with the title of the composition that he is dedicating to his fellow Filipinos. He explained that the title is a word used in theatre.

“Find your light or stand where the light is a great term to also show how Filipinos can shine abroad. Find where you’re good at. That was the inspiration for the song,” he added.

As an example, he cited the many Filipinos who instantly became famous through YouTube by “picking up a guitar and singing amazingly or doing karaoke in the shopping mall, that’s them finding their light”.

“That’s what inspired the song. Same thing with the music video. In Hong Kong Disneyland, we have so many Filipino cast members finding their place to shine,” he continued.

Everything started when the park’s marketing team approached Fortich to come up with a unique campaign for the Filipinos. It took him three weeks to arrange the song and about two months to finish the whole process which includes the music video.


Louie Laparan, Fortich’s brother-in-law was tapped to do the Filipino lyrics, while Marvin Querido, a musical director of Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis, and Martin Nievera did the arrangement. After everything was set, they recorded the song in Manila.

Fortich revealed that when he wrote the song, he had the Filipino spirit in mind and he listened to a lot of Original Pilipino Music.

“I also keep in mind what the Filipino mentality is, like how much they enjoy having fun or how we can get through a crisis and still find a way to smile. I’d like to believe that I found a new way to tell a story, and has grown to be able to tell a story better,” he explained.

For the part of Vega, she was thankful to be chosen as the lead vocalist for the new song created for the Filipinos.

Vega added that “Find Your Light” also represents everything that is magical about Disney.

“Find Your Light is like an anthem for me, for Filipinos fulfilling their dreams here in Hong Kong Disneyland,” she continued.

Del Prado revealed that choreographing the music video with the all-Filipino cast was easy for him because it is easy to just deal with Pinoys.

“When I first heard the music I said, ‘Wow. It’s so Manila sounding. That’s what is sounded like to me. It was a very exciting project for me. We shot the music video for a few days but it was very exciting. We worked with a lot of Filipino cast members. It was also fulfilling kasi we know who exactly it is for: for us back home in the Philippines,” he added.

Del Prado expressed how thankful he is that they were given the freedom with the choreography in the music video. He included some very usual steps that one will surely notice “if you’re Filipino”.

“If you keep watching the video, there is also one section there, one of the girls is doing a Gary V move (from his Hataw Na music video), we were given the freedom to do that,” he stated.

He revealed that performers in the music video are excited in the same way as the project will make their families and friends in the Philippines see them at work.

In 2005, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opened while many Filipinos are among its more than 7,800 cast at the theme park and its two hotels.

The director for entertainment and costuming, David Lightbody, said Hong Kong Disneyland has been recruiting cast members from the Philippines even before it opened 10 years ago.

Lightbody explained that “the quality and energy of their performances has played an instrumental role in touching people’s heart and providing guests with the fondest memories of their Disney experience.”

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