LOOK: This New Yorker has not produced trash for two years

Lauren Singer looks like your typical 23-year-old New York yuppie living in a stylish one-bedroom apartment in a South Williamsburg development; reflecting millennial chic.

And right on her flat’s counter top, rests a small mason jar full of colorful wrappers, bits of plastic, and other minuscule items.

Lauren reveals that it is the amount of trash she has collected in more than two years.

This is how much trash Lauren collected in more than two years. (Photo Credit: AOL)
This is how much trash Lauren collected in more than two years. (Photo Credit: AOL)

Unlike most people her age, Lauren has taken her personal advocacy as an eco-friendly entrepreneur to the next level by going two years without producing any trash.

The conscious decision to live sustainably started on her last year as an environmental science major at New York University. She began by eliminating plastic altogether and eventually getting rid of anything that could end up in a landfill or can’t be composted.

Her “Zero-Waste” lifestyle consists of making her own toothpaste, deodorant and laundry detergent in an attempt to avoid creating any unnecessary waste, and is also the cornerstone of her recently founded eco-friendly company, The Simply Co, which sells these homemade products. She also shares her daily experience towards sustainability and preserving the environment through her blog Trash is for Tossers.

Lauren, however, admits that the transition to her new lifestyle wasn’t without any glitches or obstacles.

Today, Lauren now focuses on her small business, after quitting her job as a sustainability manager at New York’s Department of Agriculture.

So far, she has received a very positive response to her effort to sell clean, safe organic cleaning products for people who want it with her online Kickstarter campaign reaping $41,000 from her initial target of only $10,000.