Look: Woman shows off pole dancing skills inside train

Not many people are into pole dancing, but those who fancy the art would probably understand more why a certain woman just seemed unable to resist trying the pole inside a Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) train in Thailand. Anyway, the video taken of the exhibition just somehow went a bit viral.

Well, yes, there’s a video of a woman who truly performed a sexy pole dance routine on the MRT train in Thailand, and it has attracted attention from the media and has over 330,000 views as of posting time.

In the clip  uploaded on YouTube, the unidentified woman have obviously taken advantage of the space inside the train (which rarely happens in the MRT of the Philippines; speaking of space, that is).

The caption on the clip, reports say, goes: “I was on my way to Pahurat. I didn’t think about it at first, and then I saw the pole. Not many people were around too. With the spirit of a pole dancer, I threw my phone at a friend, so she could record me.”

Her dance routine just lasted about a minute; about the time it takes between stations, reports say.

Call it passion, or, as the woman said, the spirit of the pole dancer, her energy didn’t seem to radiate to the commuters, and she was reportedly baffled on the lack of attention she got.

Hence, she was left wondering why  “nobody dared looking [sic] at me or said a word. What is that supposed to mean?!” as she had supposedly written.

Well, perhaps, just like the Chinese pole dancing woman named Shi Xiaohong who ‘shared’ her talent and sexy figure in skimpy red attire inside Beijing subway’s brand new line 9 and also didn’t seem to get a single clap, people just aren’t in the mood to watch pole dancing outside the performing stage?

Screen shot from youtube video
Screen shot from youtube video