Pinoy artist brings ‘bayanihan’ spirit to Australia art fest

Once a Filipino, always a Filipino? An artist from the Philippines showed off Filipino values of community and cooperation in a recent arts festival in New South Wales, Australia.

Alwin Reamillo’s “Bayanihan Hopping Spirit House” was one of the visual arts which became an attraction in the Bankstown:Live Festival held last January 22 to 25, 2015.

Over 25 international and Australian artists became part of the Sydney Festival as they all showcased their works of art in different genres like spanning theater, animation, visual arts, film, photography, installation and ballroom dancing.

The concept of the “Bayanihan Hopping Spirit House” is an unfinished house in remembrance of the light-structured houses affected by the super typhoon Yolanda.

Reamillo commented that this work of art is reminding him of the effect of the typhoon, but still inculcated Filipino values despite the calamity.


Reamillo explained in a news release by Department of Foreign Affairs on how the damage that Typhoon Haiyan left last year triggered a mass action of volunteers, putting in action the much-valued practice of bayanihan, or community action, not only within the local community of Tacloban but also creating links with thousands of volunteer groups from all over the country and overseas.

In coordination with the Australian group Urban Theater Projects, “Bayanihan Hopping Spirit House was presented at Bankstown to discover whether the spirit of “bayanihan” or helping one another could be made possible in the community of Bankstown City.

Prior to the presentation of this work of art, Consul Marford Angeles and Cultural Officer Rachel Calisin from the Philippine Consulate in Australia and several Filipino community leaders discussed, tested, and organized the piece.

Filipino volunteer carried the piece during the festival, together with the representatives of other cultures and worked on how to re-mount the art for other cultural events.

Reamillo owns a portfolio blog online where he posts his latest work together with the reviews from critics