Pres. Widodo seeks no intervention on sovereign right to exercise law

 Indonesia President Joko Widodo stands firm on the country’s sovereign right to exercise their law and warned foreign countries not to intervene in their right to use capital punishment following the planned execution of 11 convicts on d***h row.

Photo Credit: yahoo
Photo Credit: yahoo

Widodo has been vocal in supporting the d***h penalty for drug traffickers and claimed that Jakarta would push ahead with the executions of the convicts.

He further disclosed that there would be no delay on the execution; most of whom were facing imminent execution on drug conviction.

According to reports, leaders from Brazil, Netherlands and France made an appeal for mercy on behalf of their respective citizens facing d***h penalty, but Indonesia denied grant for executive clemency.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop pleads to save the lives of two of their citizens and has been making their last–ditch appeal.

Identified as Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan, the two were convicted in 2006 as ringleaders of the so-called Bali Nine group who were caught trying to smuggle 8.3 kilograms of heroin in Bali in 2005.

Photo Credit: Yahoo
Photo Credit: Yahoo

Bishop expressed belief that while the duo committed grave offenses, they both deserve another chance.

He also said that lengthy jail sentences be imposed instead of d***h penalty.

Indonesian government should show the same mercy to the two Australian citizens much as the Indonesian government also plea for mercy on the release of its 200 citizens facing d***h penalty overseas, Bishop further bared.

While the lawyers of the Sukumaran and Chan disclosed that they have a slim chance of getting a positive response on their appeal, prominent civil rights lawyer Todong Mulya Lubis is apt on making another try.

Lubis told ABC Radio that the move was based on the firm belief that when it pertains to human life, everything possible should be done.

Relative to this, Jakarta’s Administrative Court had refused to hear an appeal by condemned Australians Chan and Sukumaran saying “clemency is the President’s prerogative” and so was not subject to administrative procedures.

In January, six people, five of whom were foreign nationals from Brazil, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Malawi and Vietnam have been executed for drug related crimes, reports said.

Indonesia’s president says executions won’t be delayed.