Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano to tie the knot this year

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MANILA, Philippines – Actress/singer Toni Gonzaga and film director Paul Soriano confirmed in an interview in ABS-CBN’s Sunday show The Buzz that they are indeed engaged and are planning to tie the knot this year.

The 33-year-old filmmaker narrated how he proposed to his ladylove during a dinner at the residence of the Gonzagas’ in Rizal on January 21, a day after Toni’s 31st birthday.

They started going out seven and a half years ago and Paul considers Toni as the greatest gift he ever received.

He proposed to Toni in front of her parents, Mommy Pinty and Daddy Bonoy and her sister, Alex.

He said he first asked the permission of Toni’s parents, and Mommy Pinty said that it’s about time the two of them get married. While Daddy Bonoy said that he better ask Toni and not him.

People have long asked when the two of them will get married and others even expected that Paul will propose during Toni’s last concert, but he said that his proposal will be private and special, away from the camera. However, the two of them will eventually share to the public if they will be engaged. He also gave his word that they will first share the happy news in The Buzz.

Photo credit: Philnews

He described the proposal as an emotional moment where even he got teary-eyed as well. He assured Toni’s parents that by getting married, he will not take Toni  away from them, but instead, he will become  part of their family. Toni broke down in tears when her dad wrapped her in an embrace.

Alex said in her previous interviews that she has a feeling that this will be her last year in the same room with her sister and she even  said in the Christmas card she gave Direk Paul to take care of her older sister. She chronicled the couples’ lovestory in a segment preceding the couple’s announcement.

Toni told Alex that she will always be there for her even if she is already married.

Toni also denied rumors that she got in a fight with her parents, and said she is not pregnant.

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