Watch: ‘SpongeBob’ beats ‘American Sniper’ from top of box office

Photo Credit: Gotcha Movies

MANILA, Philippines – In a battle between a bubbly sponge and a Navy Seal fatal sharpshooter, the cute soft animated character won in terms of topping the box office chart.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, the second in the movie franchise, earned $56 million in ticket sales; overthrowing “American Sniper” after a three-week run at number 1 place in the box office chart, as reported by Reuters.

American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper and  directed by Clint Eastwood, gathered positive reviews as it was nominated in the Oscars. According to studio estimates, the war film finished second at US and Canadian theaters for Friday through Sunday with $24.2 million earnings.

Grabbing the number 3 spot was Jupiter Ascending; another newly release movie space saga equipped with special effects which took $19 million earnings.

Spongebob’s second theatrical film, which is based on the animated television series, follows the yellow sponge and all his friends as they travel to the sea’s surface in a quest to retrieve a secret recipe stolen by a pirate; played by no other than Antonio Banderas.

Photo Credit: IMDB
Photo Credit: IMDB

Reports said that the film far exceeded industry forecasts for its opening; earning $35 million more than expected.

“The reviews were really excellent, including from some serious, tough critics,” said Megan Colligan.

Colligan is the president of worldwide distribution for Paramount Pictures which is a unit of Viacom Inc. that released Spongebob’s film.

Photo Credit: IMDB
Photo Credit: IMDB

Colligan added that the earning was driven by older teens who turned out in stronger numbers than might be expected for a family-friendly film. She added that the “cool adults who have embraced the character since they were kids and have never let him go” also played a very important role on the box office marks.

Aside from the $56 million earnings, the movie has also taken in $27 million internationally; amazingly taking a total global earning of $83 million.

Among the top five movie in the box office chart includes another sci-fi film, Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore; earning $7.1 million in tickets. On fifth place is “Paddington,” a movie based on the children’s book, which took over $5.4 million, bringing its total tickets sale on $57 million in just over three weeks.

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