What Manny must do to win against Floyd

Photo Credit: NY Times

Without a doubt, many see Manny Pacquiao as the underdog against Floyd Mayweather.

Hours after confirmation of their May 2 superfight was announced, betting odds quickly swayed in favor of the American, and for good reason: MGM Grand—the venue for the bout—is Mayweather’s home court, and he has never lost a fight there.

Even boxing analysts and Pacquiao’s most d*e-hard supporters think he won’t stand a chance unless he goes all the way. In other words, he must focus on Floyd and forget everything else.

Photo Credit: Yahoo News
Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Outside the boxing ring, Pacquiao is a TV personality, a singer, an actor, and a congressman. He also recently delved into the world of professional basketball as a playing-coach in his very own team.

He is also a huge hero in his home country. Crime rates practically drop to zero as virtually everyone watches his bouts at home or at free televised public screenings.

For him to win against Mayweather in a match that has been dubbed as the most lucrative fight of all time, Pacquiao has to shed all those extra-curricular duties which many have blamed for dulling his pugilistic skills.

His business manager Eric Pineda, however, vowed that the boxing superstar really will take this bout seriously.

“He’s going to leave for the United States in March and train. It will allow him to focus without the distractions he’d normally face in the Philippines,” he said.

Winchell Campos, a sports writer who is working on Pacquiao’s biography, on the other hand, said the fight is the kind Pacquiao relishes.

“He likes to be the underdog. The pressure motivates him to work harder,” he said.

Indeed, Pacquiao’s rapid power-punching-style of boxing has made him a heavy favoritie in many of his bouts. This time, however, against the defense-oriented orthodox style of Mayweather, he will be in for the fight of his life—a fight which needs his 100 percent commitment.