WHO: Ebola cases increase for second week in a row this year


The World Health Organization (WHO) announced an increase in the number of cases of Ebola in all three worst-hit countries in West Africa for second week in a row this year.

A sharp increase in the number of the infections was also observed in Guinea.

In its report, WHO said: “Guinea reported a sharp increase in incidence, with 65 new confirmed cases compared with 39 the week before.”

The second weekly rise registered 144 new cases in the week of February 8, a higher figure compared to the 124 documented cases the previous week. Of these cases, 75 were reported from Liberia, 65 from Guinea, and 3 from Sierra Leone.

Dr Sakoba Keita, Guinea’s national coordinator for the fight against the epidemic said the country’s main threat is the resistance in Conakry.

Reportedly, an imam, an Islamic worship leader, held a secret Ebola burial. Although the imam is already under the custody of authorities, his deed caused local unrest. About 70 schools across the nation refused to open because of outbreak suspicions.

Meanwhile, unsafe burial practices were also observed in Sierra Leone. The UN health agency said there were more than 40 cases of unsafe burial in the country in just one week.

At least 9,177 people of the 22,894 documented cases of Ebola have died from the outbreak. Most of the fatalities were in the three worst-hit nations in the West African region.

Obama to pull out American troops in West Africa

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama will be withdrawing almost all his troops in Liberia.

Of the 2,800 troops assigned to combat the deadly disease in the nation, only 100 will remain by March.

Despite, the pulling out of US troops, Liberia’s Defense Minister  Brownie Samuka stressed that the support of US civilians and military for the country will not end. They will help Liberians rebuild their healthcare system.