3 victims of summary execution fished out of Pasig River in Manila

Three alleged victims of summary execution were found floating in the Pasig River behind the Philippine Postal Corporation building in Lawton, Manila early Friday morning.

In a report by Noel Alamar of dzMM, the three bodies were wrapped in separate black garbage bags and their faces were covered with masking tapes. The men’s mouths were also plugged with a piece of cloth while their hands are tied behind their backs with a tie wire; typical of a ‘salvaged’ victim.

The three dead bodies were reportedly the sixth recovered this week in Manila who were all killed and dumped, according to the police.

A vendor named Noel Baldoz, who was staying near the area, told investigators he woke up to the barking of the dogs around 1:00 am and saw a number of men alighting from a van and dumping  bags into the river.

At dawn, Baldoz discovered the dead bodies and immediately reported the matter to the police. The Manila Police District (MPD) and the Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) sent investigators to the area to find clues to the identity of the bodies.

All the victims were wearing shirt and shorts. One is in red shorts, the other is in denim and white shirt, while the third victim is in gray shorts and blue shirt.

According to police officials in Manila, they also recovered two bodies in the same area which remains unidentified up to now. Another burned body of a man was also found near R-10, bringing the number of possible ‘salvaged’ victims this week alone to six.

The police have yet to determine whether the killings involved vigilante groups who are involved in summary executions in the city in an effort to clean the metro of criminality.

Another possibility is that the victims could be members or enemies of a notorious syndicate who has to get rid of them for some reason.

Last year in January, three pedicab drivers were also killed near the Manila City Hall by alleged vigilante groups after the victims were accused of involvement in illegal drug trade.

Pasig River became the favorite dumping grounds for victims of summary executions in Manila because of its proximity to some of the most notorious neighborhoods in the city’s slum dwellers where most people would rather keep silent than be involved.

Credit: Twitter/ Noel Alamar