British Ebola patient and four military healthcare workers in UK hospital


After a British female military healthcare worker in Sierra Leone who tested positive for Ebola was flown to the UK, four other military healthcare workers were evacuated to the country for monitoring.

The confirmed Ebola patient along with two co-workers who came in close contact with her were brought to the Royal Free London Hospital. Two other members of the armed forces, who haven’t tested positive for the deadly disease, were flown home for evaluation at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

While the infected patient will be treated at the  Royal Free London Hospital’s special isolation unit, the two other healthcare workers suspected of Ebola will be monitored for signs of the epidemic.

According to Public Health England, they will be conducting an investigation as to how the patient got infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, UK’s Ministry of Defense said stringent procedures were observed in order to prevent infection, but there was always “a level of risk”.

British Armed Forces Minister Mark Francois commended the “courage and dedication” of around 600 to 700 British personnel working in Sierra Leone to fight the current Ebola outbreak which has taken more than 10,000 lives.

“The wellbeing of our service personnel remains our overriding priority. This includes the individual directly affected and their four colleagues, for whom precautionary measures are now being taken. We are very proud of what our servicemen and women are doing and our thoughts are with their five colleagues and their families at this time,” Francois said.

Infected American Patient being treated in US

An American patient infected with Ebola while working in Sierra Leone was brought to a specialist unit in Maryland for treatment on Friday.

The unidentified patient, which is considered to be the 11th Ebola case in the US since August last year, was flown to the country via chartered flight. The patient is currently admitted at the high-level containment facility at the National Institues of Health in Maryland.

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