Cebu town vice mayor’s alleged ‘marital scandal’ unleashes

Another case of crime of passion unfolds after the pregnant wife of Cebu City’s Ronda town Vice Mayor Jonah John Ungab is facing raps for attacking a female lawyer with a baseball bat for allegedly having an affair with her husband.

Pearl Ungab, 41, and seven weeks pregnant, was placed under hospital arrest because of her condition. Latest update as published on Inquirer stated she finally speaks up to shed light regarding the matter.

Photo Credit: Inquirer
Photo Credit: Inquirer

Meanwhile, Jiecel Tiu, the female lawyer who was accused by Mrs. Ungab of allegedly having an illicit affair with her husband filed frustrated murder charges against Mrs. Ungab at the prosecutor’s office for attacking her.

She likewise denied the accusations made against her although she worked at the Ungab Gealon and Associates, a law firm of the vice mayor, for four years until she decided to leave because of alleged harassment made by the wife of the official.

Mrs. Ungab’s version

The legal wife told the Inquirer that she is probably seen as the ‘villain’ in the story because people did not see incidents that took place before that.

Mrs. Ungab admitted having smashed with a baseball bat the glass window of Tiu’s Toyota Vios sedan, but categorically denied hitting the lady lawyer.

She disclosed on interview she went after Tiu, not because of jealousy, but out of ire after the female lawyer purportedly “fired pepper spray on her face and bumped her and her 2-year-old daughter with the sedan.”

Tiu’s version of the story

In her statement, Tiu said she was inside her red Toyota Vios and about to leave the parking lot of Centro Maximo Building when the perpetrator arrived on board a black Nissan Navarra.

According to her, Mrs. Ungab’s pickup truck blocked the exit area and after a few minutes she parked her car which prompted her to drive out of the parking lot.

She further added Mrs.Ungab went down from her vehicle, approached her afterwards and banged her vehicle’s window with her fist.

Tiu said her attacker attempted to open the door, but when she was unable to open it she ran back to her car.

The lady lawyer allegedly grabbed the chance to exit the parking area, but Mrs. Ungab chased her and purposely smashed the passenger window at the back of her car and went on ramming her car into her vehicle several times.

For fear of safety, Tiu said she drove her car near the office of the Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) to seek refuge, but Mrs. Ungab allegedly got off her car and smashed the driver’s window of her car with a baseball bat.

Tiu further disclosed that when her car’s window got destroyed, Mrs. Ungab opened the lock and hit her.

The baseball bat, she said, was taken then from her attacker when a Citom officer arrived in the scene.

When the Citom officer arrived, Mrs. Ungab tried to escape, but was hindered by people in the area.

The aftermath

Tiu was immediately brought to a hospital as she suffered bruises on her left shoulder and a wound behind her left ear.

Mrs. Ungab, on the other hand, was placed under hospital arrest after the incident.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Ungab, a lawyer by profession, reportedly sent P200,000 in cash to his wife to pay for her bail bond.

Prosecutor Liceria Lofranco-Rabillas is expected to release an immediate resolution on complaint for frustrated murder filed by Tiu against Mrs. Ungab.

Since Mrs. Ungab waived her right to a preliminary investigation, the charges against her are set to be elevated to the court.

The prosecutor, however, has yet to decide whether or not to downgrade the charge being filed by the complainant to physical injuries.