From son to mother: A message of love and gratitude

Seattle-based Filipino identified as Alika Kee or Alex Conde returned to his native land, the Philippines, in search of his mother Jocelyn whom records revealed has suffered from tuberculosis.

According to reports, the health condition of Kee’s mother  prompted her to leave her two sons to be housed in an orphanage at an early age.

During his homecoming, Alika Kee sent out his message of love and gratitude to his mom; wishing that it would reach her.

Photo Credit: fb external
Photo Credit: fb external

His note was addressed to his Nanay Jocelyn, telling her that there is no room for guilt, shame or hurt for leaving them under the care of the orphanage. Kee likewise expressed her love and gratitude to her mom for the opportunity to live life again. He further disclosed that what her mom did was an act of unconditional love.

Kee reads, “I can’t thank you enough and Ronel and I would like to say maraming salamat (thank you very much). Mahal kita, Nanay Jocelyn (I love you, Mom Jocelyn).

It was earlier reported that Kee, now 26 years old, and his half-brother, Ronel, spent most of their life in a Tayuman orphanage while their last two years in the Philippines were spent in a foster home in Sta, Mesa.

It would have been fate that both Kee and Ronel were luckily adopted by the same American family in 1998.

Just like any young boy, the bitter separation with their mom caused confusion and anger, but as Kee grew older, he became more mature to understand the situation.

It took 10 years for Kee to heal his wounds and build courage until he finally realized that it was the right time for him to step up and look for Jocelyn.

Aside from his mother, Kee has also been looking for his three other siblings namely; Abigail Conde Santos, Anjo Conde and Jake Conde. Reports said Kee has learned about his three other siblings at the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation.

Photo Credit: Little Moses
Photo Credit: Little Moses

Meanwhile, all is set for the wedding bells for Kee on June 27 in Sweden. However, he and his wife disclosed that they will move to Norway for good.