Newborn baby pronounced d**d comes back to life after mother hugs him


A mother’s touch is so powerful that it can bring a miracle to a child’s life.

This is what Kate Ogg has proven when she accidentally revived her newborn son, who was earlier pronounced d**d, through her hug.

Shortly after giving birth to premature twins, Emily and Jamie, Kate was told by the doctors that her son didn’t make it. The doctors tried to revive Jamie for 20 minutes but eventually declared him d**d.

After hearing about the tragic news, Kate asked the nurses to put him on her bare chest so she could hug him for one last time. She also asked her husband David to surround him with body heat.

In her interview with The Today Show, Kate said “I wanted to meet him and to hold him and for him to know us. If he was on his way out of the world, we wanted for him to know who his parents were and to know that we loved him before he died.”

Five minutes into hugging, the couple noticed small movements from Jamie. The doctors, who were already convinced that Jamie was already gone, informed Kate and David that their son’s movements were purely reflex.

However, this didn’t stop Kate from letting her son experience a mother’s embrace. The couple, who asked for an additional minute with Jamie, actually stayed with him for two more hours.

Then something unbelievable happened. Jamie actually opened his eyes. Eventually, the little one started grabbing his parent’s fingers.

They asked the doctors to check if Jamie was indeed alive.

“He got a stethoscope, listened to Jamie’s chest and just kept shaking his head. He said, ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it,’ ” Kate told London Daily Mail.

Watch the heartwarming story of a baby who came back to life because of his mother’s hug.