Open parties offer sex, drugs and alcohol

Minors caught engaged in illegal and unlawful activities were returned to their parents and were likewise given a second chance by Mandaluyong Mayor Benjamin Abalos, Jr.

Photo Credit: Politics
Photo Credit: Politics

He, however, warned the minors that in the event that the same offense will be committed, they will be dealt with accordingly in court while parents will be penalized based on the “Code of Parental Responsibilities ” which states that parents can be fined or jailed if their children violate the law.

Apparently, the move followed after 80 minors and 66 adults or a total of 146 were arrested in two open parties offering drugs, sex and alcohol.

Records also revealed that out of the 80 minors caught, 52 of them were aged 11 to 15.

Headed by Mayor Abalos along with some 50 government workers, the raid happened in Bagong Ihaw restaurant at Shaw Boulevard and the Buddha-kan bar at Sheridan Street.

Photo credit: open rice
Photo credit: open rice

This resulted to the arrest of Bagong Ihaw Restaurant’s three organizers and two bouncers; and Buddha –kan’s owner, cashier, manager and organizer respectively.

Based on the report of an informant, organizers rented the two establishments while boys and girls who joined the open parties paid P300.00 at the entrance; an event without coordination with the city government and local police.

Charged with child abuse or PD 603 in relation to RA 7610 and for working and setting up an event without permits or known as City ordinance 357 before the city prosecutor’s office were Businessman Jerome Chang; Cashier, Ma. Teresa Villasanta, Ryan Paul Rebote, bar manager; Alfredo Supremo and Mark Eleaser Paz, organizers as well as Romenus Martinez and his elder brother Ricky, both bouncers.

Meanwhile, reports said that prior to the raid, the “open party” organized by Soykan Day Dreamer came out in social media offering “free-for-all party” that within 30 minutes, lights would be off and party goers can have sex, drugs and alcohol.

Acting as complainants in the charges were the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the local police.