Rey Pamaran rejects Melissa Mendez’s apology

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MANILA, Philippines – Rey Pamaran rejected veteran actress Melissa Mendez’ supposed “public apology” regarding the controversial incident involving them last Friday, March 20, while on board a Cebu Pacific plane to Pagadian City

Melissa posted her apology to the business man via her Instagram account last Tuesday, March 24. The actress stated she is owning up to her mistake and just wanted to move on from the incident that caused a lot of pain to her family and to the other party involved.

She admitted she had no right to slap Pamaran.

Photo Credit: Instagram of Melissa Mendez
Photo Credit: Instagram of Melissa Mendez

Pamaran previously wrote an open letter to the actress which conveyed that provided that Melissa would set the records straight by telling the truth and nothing else but the whole truth behind what really happened through a genuine public apology, he is willing not to file charges against her.

However, he is not appeased with the way Melissa offered her “public apology”.

He expressed his dissatisfaction and rejection of the actress’ apology via his personal Facebook account.

Photo Credit: PEP (From Rey Pamaran's Facebook account)
Photo Credit: PEP (From Rey Pamaran’s Facebook account)

He was hoping for a heartfelt reply from Melissa where she would not only apologize for what she did but she would also own up to everything she said on national television in order to defend herself while destroying his reputation in the process.

When he read the supposed “public apology”, he immediately made up his mind to file the charges against her.

However, in line with the coming Holy Week,he is willing to give Melissa one last chance to clear everything in detail, including the lies she said about what happened when she was interviewed.

He added that his lawyer, Atty. Fortun, will be filing the cases tomorrow, March 26 and that’s about the time that Melissa has left to clear everything.

Pamaran wants the apology to be done on national television since it is where the actress supposedly destroyed his reputation.

“Making statements thru social media just adds insult to injury,” he added.

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