Student’s leg caught between train and platform at SG train station

PHOTO CREDIT: Singapore Seen

Photos of a student whose legs got trapped in the gap between an MRT train and station platform at Hougang MRT station in Singapore went viral.

The gut-wrenching photo featured a helpless 19-year-old female student from Nanyang Junior college being helped by commuters.

Speaking to Channel 8 News, the student who requested anonymity said she accidentally stepped into the 10 cm- gap which caused her to be immobilized. Because of her accidental fall, her kneecap was “pulled out of position”.

Luckily, fellow commuters were able to free her from the gap in 8 minutes.

So how exactly did they do it?

Initially, a good samaritan applied moisturiser on the student’s leg for lubrication, but this didn’t help.

According to Singapore Seen, a station staff member instructed his colleagues to get liquid soap from the station’s toilet. The station employee revealed that he recalled the technique from a similar incident that happened in the past.

“We managed to save the girl after four to five minutes of hard work.”

A spokesperson for SBS Transit said the student was immediately rushed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment.

SBS Transit senior vice-president of corporate communications Tammy Tan explained that the gap between the train and the platform is necessary to accommodate the movement of the train body once it approaches the station.

Without it, the train body may come into contact with the station’s platform edge and this would be dangerous.” Ms Tan also said the incident led to the train being held back at the station, causing service to be delayed on the line.”

Because of the incident, commuters experienced a service delay at the North East Line on Wednesday.