Watch: Paulo Avelino finally admits he was in a relationship with KC Concepcion

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MANILA – Was there a ‘no way out’ for actor Paulo Avelino when he finally admitted on Sunday that he had a relationship with actress KC Concepcion?

After being grilled on “The Buzz” by hosts Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino, wherein he was asked whether he was ever in a relationship with Concepcion, Paulo must have felt compelled to spill the beans with regards to the speculations involving him and the Megastar’s daughter, Kc Concepcion.

He had initially appeared to be reluctant as he tried to shift the question to a different angle; saying he and KC are friends, and that he’ll always be there for her whenever she needs him, but that they have different priorities at present. However, the hosts of the show told him he is not answering their question.

When further pressed for a direct answer by Kris and Boy, after being reminded that Paulo had previously admitted in the same show that he was dating KC, the actor finally said “yes” — to which the studio audience cheered.

Prior to his confession, Paulo had always been evasive over the real status of their relationship; claiming that they were just “close friends.”

When talks on their supposed break-up started to circulate, Paulo had spoken during the presscon of his new television series on ABS-CBN “Bridges of Love” that friends do not break up, as he said: “Hindi naman siguro nagbi-break ang magkaibigan.”

He further said: “Parang wala pa namang inaamin na kami tapos magbi-break kaagad?” [We haven’t even admitted being in a relationship, so how could we break up?]

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Well, it’s a different story now; after he has admitted that they were in a relationship.

However, Paulo did not provide further details.

The next questions would have to be – so when did you break up? and why?

Maybe “The Buzz” hosts will have to press on him again to get the real score.