WATCH: ‘Avengers’ fan creates real-life Iron Man glove that shoots lasers

A young inventor and hobbyist in Germany has created a real-life working Iron Man glove that can shoot high-powered laser beams that can actually do some damage.

Patrick Priebe, who founded his own custom sci-fi toy company Laser Gadgets, has become popular in YouTube for bringing actual gadgets made famous by characters like Tony Stark and James Bond come to life.

In anticipation of the new The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, Priebe decided to make the Iron Man glove that fires an aluminum slug, shoots a high-powered laser from its palm complete with sound effect), and a slightly lower-powered laser from the knuckles.

The glove’s exterior is actually crafted from aluminum then spray-painted in metallic red and candy red colors, just like in the movies while the inside fire mechanism is from brass.

The two lasers that shoot from the gauntlet are for real: a blue 700mW laser is produced from the palm which can actually pop a balloon on contact and sear wood while a cooler red 300mW beam from the knuckles is still powerful enough to do the same.

It took around three weeks for this young inventor to complete the gadget.

He is also open to selling this item, although each one would be custom-made.

Aside from the Iron Man glove, other gadgets on Priebe’s portfolio include a laser-firing James Bond watch, an electromagnetic Spiderman webshooter, X-Men’s Cyclops laser eyes, and a working Homer Simpson electric hammer.

 Watch Priebe’s awesome invention below: